PIT-M3D’s mission is to detect illnesses and diseases early and accurately
Using our algorithmic diagnosis solution, we detect diseases early, which dramatically increases the effect of treatments and allows for successful preventive actions.


The medical world now understands that the human blood may carry, indicate or represent over 2,411 unique groups of conditions. These groups subdivide in over 30,000 known diseases.

Recent advances in blood test technology have made it possible to describe the mechanisms behind and the evolution of many of these diseases.

Similarly, significant advances in computer science and mathematics are making it possible for scientists to systematically analyse extremely large sets of data and establish diagnostics and predictions.

The PIT-M3D team believes that by combining these advances, using blood results big data, carrying out extensive research and development it will produce instantaneous highly accurate medical diagnostics and predictions that will substantially benefit patients.


By collecting and analysing an unprecedented amount of medical data,
the PIT-M3D team is looking to isolate tiny fragments reaction of blood
biocomponents or new blood biochemical formation cells as well as
prolongation that may be represented from a standard blood
examination by drawing upon ultra-deep, ultra-wide sequencing.

The PIT-M3D team is using the data from ultra-deep, ultra-wide
sequencing to produce diagnoses and predictions.

Patients will be provided with reports showing diseases and conditions
indicators identified in submitted blood tests, whether routine,
preventive, or actionable.

About us

PIT-M3D has assembled an incredible team of medical scientists, doctors and information technology engineers.

The team is pushing the boundaries of computer architecture, database engine design and mathematics.

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