Detect diseases early and accurately

Early disease development detection is complicated, unreliable and expensive. By changing this, our system brings change to clinical efficiency and diagnostics. 



Sensible Patient Data is handled with highest care by our secure messaging system

Cost reduction

Reduce clinical healthcare expenditure to a minimum and save lives


Valuable insights

Combining both, artificial and human intelligence provides fast and scientific solutions

Research Disciplines

PIT-M3D is carrying out research and development in a variety of fields including machine learning and pathology biochemistry. The fruits of the research have led to new technologies that are applied to the PIT-M3D System. Additional fields that contribute to our system include secure messaging and computer architecture.

Our technologies bring benefits to a wide spectrum of participants in healthcare.

Medical Practicioners

Doctors gain substantial insights into the conditions of their patients and our system can be easily inserted into the clinical workflow with no additional or invasive steps for the care of the patient.




Higher precision in diagnostics allows treatments to be administered more efficiently and earlier. Patients experience a very significant reduction in the risk of misdiagnosing their condition.

Payer system

Accurate and early detection of diseases represents a very significant opportunity to payers through the reduction of unnecessary medical expenses. Such are often induced by misdiagnosis and the resulting treatment delay, which increases treatment costs significantly.

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