Around a third of all initial diagnoses are wrong



A vast amount of physiological data (such as blood test results) is being generated everyday by the healthcare industry.

In most cases this data is used within the confines of the care of the patient.

Aggregating the data for analysis may represent a very significant opportunity for the sector but the complexity of handling extremely large quantity of data may lead to solutions offering limited use as they may be inaccurate or limited in scope.


PIT-M3D is developing a machine learning based system that aims to produce highly accurate algorithmic diagnostics and to detect most human diseases harnessing physiological big data.

PIT-M3D’s mission is to identify and detect diseases early and accurately for the benefit of patients and the healthcare sector.


The PIT-M3D research demonstrates that most human conditions and diseases may be identified, diagnosed and predicted looking at individual’s physiological data.

We aim to offer a technology which can algorithmically diagnose and detect the vast majority of known human diseases and conditions with a very high accuracy and at an extremely early stage, even when symptoms may not be expressed for years.

Combining machine learning and advanced statistical analysis, our system detects minute changes in a patient physiology and compare them to specific patterns it has identified in our large library of electronic medical records.