PIT-M3D’s vision is to help promote a clinical environment, which focuses on early detection and allows for the implementation of various strategies to maximise health benefits for patients, whilst reducing costs for healthcare providers.

Our system ensures to detect all insignificant medical hints for its calculations and ultimately, flag unforeseen pathological arrangements.

More importantly, we present vital, far-reaching insights to physiological patient profiles which helps push clinical efficiency and success rates to the max.

Data and its potential

A vast amount of physiological data (such as blood test results) is being generated everyday by the healthcare industry.

In most cases this data is used within the confines of the care of the patient.

Aggregating the data for analysis may represent a very significant opportunity for the sector but the complexity of handling extremely large quantity of data may lead to solutions offering limited use as they may be inaccurate or limited in scope.


Accurate diagnostic technology is the best tool to address the misdiagnosis crisis in the healthcare sector.

The PIT-M3D research demonstrates that most human conditions and diseases may be identified, diagnosed and predicted looking at individual’s physiological data.

We aim to offer a technology which can algorithmically diagnose and detect the vast majority of known human diseases and conditions with a very high accuracy and at an extremely early stage, even when symptoms may not be expressed for years.

Combining machine learning and advanced statistical analysis, our system detects minute changes in a patient physiology and compare them to specific identified patterns in our large library of electronic medical records.

Trends in AI

There is a heavy focus on Artificial (AI) Intelligence in the medical field. However, our team believes that precise scientific understanding and exemplary validation of outcomes are necessary to deliver solutions that meet clinical standards. 

Many AI driven solutions have yet to demonstrate true and direct benefits to Healthcare. This is an inherent byproduct of poorly designed workflow integration. The PIT-M3D System on the other hand includes a variety of analytical medical reports which provide a list of precisely selected medical and pathological conditions to aid physicians in the evaluation of their patients’ condition.

Early detection of diseases will offer healthcare institutions and organisations significant and cost saving insights about their patients. 

Independence from the cloud

As software and data managing shifts to centralised and cloud-based models, clinical IT and data-related services follow suit. This product and service design provides comfort in appliance and administration for both, user and service provider.

Unfortunately, cloud-based systems bring significant privacy and security risks as well.
Therefore, we continuously improve our hardware and IT systems in order to strive ahead of most recent standards, whilst not risking your sensitive data’s privacy and security.

Our house made supercomputer processing unit will furnish enough computational resources to enable real-time processing and data handling and furthermore, provides enough capacity and adaptability to expand the system for exponentially growing data streams in the future.

These systems are designed to be implemented into your workflow seemingly by our experts and hardware specialists, which assemble platform and system without third party service support, which enables full control and security over the whole structure.

Machine learning driven approach

A vast amount of physiological data is being generated by medical institutions every day.

Regularly, the clinical interpretation of physiology data does not utilise the full range of knowledge and abilities we actually have nowadays.

Moreover, the actual potential of these already generated datasets is underestimated and remains unused frequently.

In addition, health care institutions face problems such as the decrease of importance of patient data, (if reference range intervals are not infringed by observed values).

Scientific research and medical evidence

Whilst most big-data solutions remain a purely statistical Blackbox without clinical evidence, we focus on automated scientific validation as well.

We gathered scientific findings from all over the world to develop our own medical validation system.

This provides clinics with the full spectrum of scientific evidence and knowledge instantly and enables statistical predictions backed up and validated with scientific indicators and clinical findings.